13 July 2007

wooo hooo happy camper dance....

Today i spent the day at the bead store and maggie spent the day with her g'ma and g'pa. fun was had like all!

First we got shipment from my favorite femo artist. She even included some "jerry bear" beads for me. she teases me everytime i hear here that i should be a hippy. um ok. maybe it is because of my habit of listening to neo-hippy music such as Dave Matthews. Needles to say i am soooo excited. And I will be doing an Etsy update tomarrow.

that is just a small amount of the beads i had to sort through and play with this afternoon.

Mom brought maggie down to visit for a bit, while g'pa took his nap. She arrived wearing her brand new onsie.

Yes my mom had a onesie made for maggie that says "KRUK University". For those of you that don't know Kruk is my maiden name. My mom was soo tickled with her self it was cute.

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