20 September 2007

I love the ho's!

Jen, Lesa and I got together tonight for a little knitting and a lot of laughing. So just some things i have learned....
*do not take a million hour trip into the dessert with your family. Espicaly if it consists of 2 3.5 hour boat rides, and hiking. You will be a whole bus (i think that is what jen said) full of cranky people once you reach civilization again.
*people will bring anything that comes out of them into their ob/gyn's office (not any of us.)
*scribing for an istep, can make both of your arms hurt. Making it very uncomfy to knit. (poor lesa)
*lesa is momma short bus, and she leads and all the other short busses follow her. (ok not really sure how this came into conversation, but Jen has declared it so.)

In other news, this is big... i mean REALLY BIG.....I GOT TO GET THE BIG BAG AT SHEEPS!!!! Normally i get the small bag since i am buying sock yarn, or yarn for hats or mittens. But i bought 10 skeins of lambs pride bulky for the Emerald sweater from knitty. And they packed it all up in the BIG BAG for me! Ok it isn't the biggest bag they have. But it is 2 sizes larger then the ones i am used to getting!!! I also broke down and bought my first pair of addi turbo's. Shhhhhhh... don't tell Jack!

So I know you are all dieing to see it... so here it is! The BIG BAG!

I know you want to look in the bag too!

And this is what I got done this evening about 15 rows of the 2 by 2 ribbing for the bottom of my Emerald Cardi, it is going super fast and is wonderful!

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