07 September 2007

quick little update....

*camera has been shipped off, received and apparently needs a new power board. I will get another email from them when they ship it back to me. :)
*Maggie and I both have a killer summer cold from H E Double Hockey sticks!!!! and it isn't fun. I was thinking of going to stones trace on sunday... We will see how i feel then.
*Indy zoo and the children's museum was lots of fun. the pictures did not turn out that well so i won't bore you.
*yes i am knitting got some oatmeal socks going and a pattern i am totally designing myself. I need to see how they turn out before i really tell you guys about them.
*Made the reservations for Jack and my anniversary get away up at Sherwood B&B. It isn't till the weekend before thanksgiving(we had to book early bc it is a big weekend up there)... it is the same place that we went for our wedding weekend. :)

Now it is your turn... tell me something good and fun in your life :)

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MollyKnits said...

I had that KILLER COLD too! Totally sucked.

But I had a great time at my frist fun night as work. The kids were too cute.