14 September 2007

The new knitty......

*does a little happy dance bc the new knitty is up* I have been dancing around the house chanting "the new knitty is up the new knitty is up" To anyone that will listen. Of course, Maggie will dance with me. But beyond that no one in the house really cares. Jack and my father in law, just kind of keep looking at me with odd glances. But I am excited, I can not help it. And to top it off I had Jack take my bust measurement last night, and it has gone down. That is cause for another new little happy dance!

So there are 3 sweaters that i just adore in the new knitty. I have to admit, my favortie thing is that all of the sweaters are written to a size that fits me. And in some of them, I am not the largest size! This rarely happens to me. I am a big girl with the big rack to go with it all. I am just uber uber happy. And i know i am babbling but at the same time i am barely awake, it isn't 8 am yet.... and i have only had one cup of coffee. So lets review my favorites.

Mr. Green Jeans- I admit the first thing that drew me to this was the name. I enjoyed mr. green jeans from capt. kangaroo. He was probably my favorite character. It is a very pretty 1 button Cardi, with cables on the bottom. It is done in Miss Priss, and to be honest i am not sure if i can afford to make this sweater for a while. Well I can, but if i am going to be doing the Big Girl Knits KAL, I can't. Miss Priss is a worsted weight yarn, so maybe i can sub something a little more in my price range. But this is top on my wish list now. :)

Roam- Another cardi, this time with a hood and zipper. For those of you that don't know me very well.. I love a good hoodie! Hell I am wearing one currently. I just like the looks of this one, with the darts on the front and the back, it looks very comfy. It is knit out of handmadien great big sea. I am sure it is used bc it drapes very nicely. My mom has some of this in her stash though, and i am just not sure i like the way it feels.... So this may be another yarn substitution issue. In this size, i don't have to knit the largest size either... woooo and hooo! I am a little nervous about putting a zipper in.. but it can't be that hard right?

Boxed- This one is definantly yarn substitution.... bc well i don't spin my own yarn....yet.... And to be honest not sure if i will ever make this one... bc well i don't like my tummy enough to show it off like this one does. But who knows. it looks soft and warm and cozy. And I have a ton of pattons classic wool just laying around. So who knows maybe this one will be knit first.

But those are my 3 fave patterns.. all sweaters that fit me! I did not dig too much on the socks this time... but i think i may be getting a little burned out on socks.. but don't tell anyone.

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