30 September 2007

Back to the bead store today for me. Yesterday was pretty slow at the bead store... But funny thing that is when i do the majority of my knitting. Yesterday i was acuatly bitten by the get off of your butt and do some beading. I finished 2 ornaments and am half way through another. They will be posted on etsy as soon as i borrow a camera or get mine back. Here is a pic i took of one the other night while it was in progress.

As i said it is one that is in progress. I was about half way done with this one. they are fun to make, just take time. I need to get more glass ornaments. Hobby lobby didn't have the kind i needed the other day :(.

But i am off to the shower, talk to you kids later today. And since I am unable to do so today, go play outside for me!

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