17 September 2007

i knit more then socks!

That is my soon to be wild flower shawl. It is going awesome so far. I am a little worried about when it is time to knit the boarder. But that is what friends are for right? It is being knit out of the Hardly colorway in lace weight from 100 pure wool. It is sooooo soft you wouldn't even believe it.

Here is a pic of it balled up, yum yum. I will take a pic of it in the skein later this week. Once then new and improved camera charger gets here.

I will be doing an etsy update in the next couple of days. So keep your ears open. for that.

I have a quick rant though... For those of you that don't know me, I am hopelessly addicted to teen mellow dramas. Degrassi being number one on that list. But I do also enjoy the best years, and south of nowhere. Now i must stop and yell at "The N" network, also known as noggin. 4-6 weeks does not a season make. So stop calling them seasons.... They are merely teases. Hell sometimes I haven't even gotten around to watching them on my tivo, when i see a commercial telling me that the season finally is coming up. I do give you points for cliffhangers, that make me want to see next season.... but give me more then a taste of the show! GRRRRRR.

ok i am done now. /silly rant.


jen said...

i hate them breaking it up too.
it's really stupid.

plus the people in canada see them like months before us.

ugh. where's my degrassi?

Marvie said...

I've been ranting about this for a few weeks now, this must be some new thing because I don't remember month long "seasons" before we moved to Germany... it's annoying and I really dislike it. Stupid TV people.