20 September 2007

hopelessly addicted

Ok, so as i have mentioned in prior posts, my love of the teenage mellow drama runs deep. Really deep. Ok well we now have a new one. Gossip Girl, it is going to be on Wednesday Nights on the CW (formerly the WB). I tivo'd it last night. And as maggie napped this morning i knitted to it. Ok super crazy addictive crap. I love that they try and pass these kids off as real teenagers. Yes I know that I grew up in small town indiana, but come on they are living a life that i couldn't even imagine living as an adult let alone a teenager. Drinking martini's at the plaza, and no one is asking questions? Stealing dad's viagra??? Kids stowed away in a mental hospital that looks like the hotel I stayed at down in indy... yup i am hooked!

And it makes for good knitting too, you can just listen. Watching the show is not really that important.

I still haven't gotten around to doing that etsy update. I swear I will do it soon.

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Maggie said...

Kayt! I ran across your name on Ravelry and thought, no way, I KNOW that person! Anyway, I am just leaving a comment on your blog to say hello, and what a crazy world this is!! I can't believe your daughter is 2 already. She's absolutely beautiful. :) Anyway, I couldn't come to your blog and not leave a comment! I hope you're doing well!!