27 September 2007

Rock like it is 1993!

Ok so i didn't send the camera in yet.. bc i wanted to take one last blind picture. The problem with the camera is more then the back screen though.. i tried to take some of maggie and they are blury and color is off. but anyway!

May I know present my new Made in England Doc Marten, Steel Toe, T-strap Mary Janes!!!!! Yes I know you are all jealous! they are soooooooo comfy and pretty! And I love them.

Yup those are my no day but today socks in them. :D I need to get on some mroe sock making now.. but i am sooo addicted to this damn emerald sweater

I have decided i am going to frog the bottom ribbing and do it in a contrasting color. Then I am also going to do the wider collar, in the same color. I am thinking either a green (i know you are all shocked), or a navy blue.

I am on the joiner thing again. Not only am i directing the BGK KAL, which is still undecided if i will knit. I have joined the Anne of Green Gables Read and Knit a Long. The knitting part is knit something anne related. I have decided i think i may do a nice chunky warm triangular shawl, like I have always picture marilla in. Or there is this great blue cardigan that is shown in the movie. But then there are always socks! lol!

And I have my next sweater planned, it will be Mr. Greenjeans. Some people were talking about starting a KAL on ravelry, and a blogger for the non-ravers.... after tossing it back and forth I went ahead and set them up. Need to still make buttons though. If any of you readers are interested check us out. Http://mrgreenjeanskal.blogspot.com. Now i must go knit or walk around in my shoes or something.. but i can't stay infront of the computer much longer. Oh wait, i am off to the bead store for this afternoon....


jen said...

ooooh next meeting i'll wear my doc mary janes and we can rock on like it's 1993!

MollyKnits said...

I want mary jane DOCS!