29 September 2007

Rockin' out like it is 1993 part duex!

Yup, I have another pair of shoes...... check them out! I love them, have i mentioned I have a huge huge love of shoes?

Those are the cute cute brown Mary Janes, with the 3 strap. I haven't had new docks in easily 8 years. It just feels so nice to have new docs.

Sorry the pics are all crazy and weird. i ams ending the camera in on monday. monday is shipping day.... i am going to send off my stitch markers for my swap and the camera and a bunch of stuff... :D

Today I am back at the bead store. Sherrill's aunt passed away so i have been covering there for her when ever possible and needed. I have my knitting packed. working on a sleeve for the emerald sweater and working on a sock. With 2 new pair of mary janes, i need cute socks!!!!!!! Maybe these will inspire me to get my "very tall socks" from knitty done. but we all know it won't really! That is a good pipe dream, and yes i can finish it.. but when i started i went with the recomended yarn bc it was cheap, and i was new to knitting. but now i can't really imagine wearing all that acrylic. i would sweat to death.

I will leave you with a pic of maggie in all of her glory thismorning. this is what she wore to go to the parade with her dad.

notice she has mary janes on too just not like mommy's yet.

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