08 September 2007

My Knitting Badges

This came to my attention from one of my knitting lists, i think it was the indiana knits one, but it could have been knitting parents. Over on Cast on! which is a great podcast i forget to listen to on a regular basis, they have started knitting scout badges. Since i was a scout till I could not be a scout any more, I figured I might as well post them here in my side bar. I will add more as I acquire them. You can click on the badges (in the side bar) and be taken to the site where you can read the descriptions and get them for your self. :)
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The “Proselytize Knitting” Badge- how do i try and present a positive light on knitting?? Mostly by knitting in public, and talking to people about it when they h ave questions. I have had some great conversations not only with other knitters who were to "shy" to bust their work out for everyone to see. But I honestly think i have turned some newbies onto it. When I am at "working" at the bead store I would say i spend 75% percent of my time knitting.... I probably should be beading but oh well. :)
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The “MacGyver” Badge (Level One) - This one also most often happens at the bead store, it is where I will grab anything to use as a stitch marker, so i don't acautlly have to sit down and make one. Hair ties, twist ties, and rubber bands have been a fave as of late. i have also been know to run a life line using softflex (jewelry cable).
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The “Knitting Whilst Under the Influence” Badge - I love to knit while drinking. Heck I love a good cocktail. I have learned though.... I should not knit fish, the inveeesible shawl, or pretty much anything that requires counting. Straight stockinet in the round for me. :) Of course I should stick with the straight stockinet at S&B's too. Talking can throw me off.

Ok guys run off and get your own!

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