16 October 2006

100 things....

I did this as a challenge tonight, while Jack watched the football game. It was tougher then I thought it would be.

100 Things

1. The first thing I thought when I saw Jack was “wow is he short.”
2. The second thing I thought was… “what is that tingling feeling in my stomach?”
3. The most amazing day in my life was the day Maggie was born, and the 24 hours prior.
4. I taught my self to knit, around Maggie while she was nursing.
5. The first thing I ever gave to someone that I knit, was a baby blanket for my friend Katy’s daughter.
6. Every morning when Jack gets out of bed, I roll over and sleep on his side. Just so I can smell him.
7. I have been told I have a nice voice, if I ever wanted to be a phone sex operator.
8. My favorite city I have lived in so far is South Bend, Indiana.
9. I think of my sister as my best friend.
10. I am slowly turning into my mother with my fiber addictions.
11. I have always wanted to live in Ireland.
12. I have trouble falling asleep with out noise. A TV or El train going by works fine though.
13. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut.
14. I have ADD and I revel in it!
15. I am diagnosed Bi-polar II, but have been able to manage it unmedicated for over a year now.
16. I sometimes sit on the step outside of maggie’s room, and just listen to her sleep.
17. I have not worked, at a job, in over 2 years.
18. I love wearing hand knit socks.
19. I start all of my projects a minum of 2 times.
20. I could take a nap every day, if someone would let me.
21. I hate putting laundry away.
22. My hands and nose are almost always cold.
23. I think moist sounds like it should be a dirty word.
24. My drink of choice is a vodka tonic.
25. My froo-froo drink of choice is a Chocolate Martini.
26. I love rainy days.
27. I can take a shower faster then anyone I know.
28. I want to move, very badly.
29. When I was pregnant the only thing I ever wanted to drink was Kool-Aid.
30. I have one pet, a dog named Cassidy.
31. Cassidy is the most expensive thing I have bought in a very long time.
32. My favorite lunch is Welsh Rarebit, and a grilled cheese made in my Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker.
33. I would trade my left arm to be organized.
34. I cry when I watch Extreme Home Makeover.
35. I have been in love twice.
36. Being a Stay At Home Mom, and house wife is the hardest job I have ever had.
37. I hate tall bar style tables, and don’t think they should ever be in my house. Ofcourse there is one here, but I am working at getting it out.
38. I saved close to $3,000 thanks to freecycle.
39. Jack and I want to have another child.
40. I am only 30 and have 2 Step-daughters, and 3 step-grandchildren.
41. I will never ever move to florida.
42. My favorite song from the 80’s is “I’m Turning Japanese”
43. One of my favorite vacations ever was to Chapel Hill, NC.
44. I have no desire to ever go to Disney World again, but will probably take the kidlet.
45. I would love to build a non-for profit organization to teach parents how to deal with recently diagnosed ADD cases. How to manage the ADD with little to no medication.
46. I hate drinking out of glasses, I almost always insist on a cup or water bottle.
47. I get freaked out when driving in city traffic.
48. My favorite sport to go and watch is hockey.
49. I have never owned a new car.
50. I can’t stand Notre Dame.
51. I change the wallpaper on the computer at least twice a week.
52. I used to live on my cell phone, now I rarely know where it is.
53. I can not stand when people are late.
54. I hate that this country is forcing me to become bi-lingual.
55. I used to smoke, and sometimes miss it.
56. I have lost 2 friends to Aids.
57. My favorite thing to knit so far is socks.
58. I am never far from my digital camera.
59. I love swap-bot.com .
60. I have multiple blogs.
61. I try to plan what we have for dinner a couple of nights prior.
62. I never seem to have any time to myself.
63. I interview well.
64. I want a queen size bed.
65. I miss having cats.
66. I love to read!
67. My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables, I have read it a million times it seems.
68. I used to be a telnet addict.
69. Telnet bores me now.
70. When I was younger, I was convinced that I was going to marry Greg Luganis. We all see how well that has worked out for me, lol!
71. I love listening to records with my dad.
72. I wish my parents hadn’t moved.
73. I had subway for dinner.
74. I am very sleepy right now.
75. My friends seem to have all moved away.
76. I have a Hello Kitty fetish. Not sexual!
77. I love reading Dr. Seuss.
78. I really don’t like to watch football.
79. I get strep at least 3 times a year.
80. I am currently reading The Black Dahlia.
81. I am always up for a good sale.
83. I let Jack celebrate our anniversary on Election day.
84. I am a good snuggler.
85. I insist on sleeping with a feather comforter, even when we go camping.
86. I am not good at camping.
87. I design and sell jewelry in my spare time.
88. I have very little spare time.
89. I have 2 tattoo’s one one my back, and one on my ankle.
90. I have vanilla scented candles all over our house.
91. I can be mean, if pushed to it.
92. My favorite thing, I have knit myself is my felted purse.
93. I keep my email accounts very organized.
94. I never check my gmail account any more.
95. I need a vacation.
96. I could not live with out Sirius Radio.
97. I give money to NPR.
98. I don’t understand men who are turned on by lactation.
99. When I am upset my eyes get greener.
100. I have one coffee cup that I drink out of every day.

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MollyKnits said...

I lived in Fla for 9 years. both my kids were born there. i met sly there. and as long as my FIL lives, i'll never live there again.