12 October 2006

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas????

Ok, so as I sit here at my desk checking my messages. I looked out the window, it is SNOWING!?!?!?!? It is what like October 12th??? And there is snow. Will someone please inform who ever is in control of this, that it is tooo early??? I mean come on we haven't even gone trick or treating yet. Hell I haven't even figured out what the heck Maggie is going to be. Or what I am going to do with the dog. Cassidy, the dog, goes nuts when ever anyone comes to the door now. I can't even imagine what Halloween will be like. Maybe I can get the vet to give her some doggie downers... j/k, I would never drug my dog.

In other news I officially finished the second sock that will not fit Maggie. And I started a dish cloth for my swap. I got about half way through the dish cloth before I ripped it all out. Some how I got off on the pattern and It was all working at an angel rather then straight rows. So I will start that one again, sometime here soon.

I need to pick up some cd's today for my cd swap. It is a Rainbow CD. All the songs have colors in the title. I Love it!!!!!

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