18 October 2006

A trip to the LYS....

As mentioned in a previous post. When maggie and I went to sheeps last time, I had a not so nice home coming. Cassidy, had gotten in the family room and eaten my copy of Big Girl Knits. Well the other day, I went to grab a WIP... And Cassidy had also chewed the needles it was on. Well since I was meeting the girl that is going to teach me how to finish that project tomarrow... I had to go and get new needles. So I have this brilliant idea, why don't I just take the dog with us. I am not going to be in the store long. She can wait in the car. It will be great.

I should know that any of my brite idea's, truely end up being dim ones. So I put Cassidy's harness on, get her out to the car. Hook the seatbelt through the harness. Get maggie in and we are off. We did pretty well until we got into valpo. Cassidy decided to be protector dog, and wanted to sit in the back seat. I figure if i let her sit in the back seat, maybe she will stop barking her head off. At a stop light I unhook her belt and let her crawl back there. All is well till i smell the most horrible thing I have in a long time. Now remember I change diapers on a regular basis. I put the windows down to air the car out a little. I figured Cass had just farted, since she does that all the time. As we are getting very close to sheep's, i heard this gagging noise almost. Yup, Cassidy is puking in the back seat. I am horrified, maggie is giggling, and the dog just keeps vomiting. So I think we are really close to sheeps, I will clean it up when we get there.

So I pull into the parking lot. Grab the stroller out of the trunk, and get maggie in there. By the time I get back over to the other side of the car to clean up the dog vomit, she has eaten it all clean!!!!!!! yuck yuck yuck! I head into the store, throughly disgusted and get what we need.

On the way home, cassidy is kind of whining in the backseat. Then I smell it again. Before I can get off on the side of the road, it happens all over again. This time all over the floor in the back seat.and hitting maggies sippy cup when she had thrown on the floor. Now I have to shampoo the floors in the back, and burn the sippy cup. Ok I probably won't burn it, but I did think of setting the whole car on fire momentarialy.

Meanwhile we are back home. maggie is napping, cassidy is acting very sullen, and i am dreading the car.

Hope everyone else is having a better day then i am.


Deneen said...

Ugh, gross, ick, horrible-almost as bad as Three Olive Martini's dog diarrhea story in the car-I would have been freaking if my baby was in the back seat with the vomit though.

I'm with you, just burn the car!

Lori said...

Yikes! Poor puppy!

Hope you (and the dog) had a better day!

Kari said...

burn the car