06 October 2006

My brain was clicking, now my life is spinning....

Ok updates from this week.....
Dennis, Jacks dad type person, had quad bypass surgery on monday.

Tuesday I break my toe, and lock the baby and myself out of the house. Resulting in my fat butt having to climb through a window. And Sherrill being upset with me, bc I could not make it into work due to the keys thing. Tuesday, I also broke my small toe on my right foot. I have never broken a toe before and let me tell you this is insane painful. I am suppose to be wearing heels to a black tie dinner on Saturday we will see how well this all goes. Tuesday we also take the baby for her first trip to the zoo. That was a big hit!

Wed, I worked. And I casted on the bottom for my French Market bag! It is going slower then I planned but I am knitting a mass amount of increases right now. Jack cleaned the house. Wed, night I realize that the fridge is not keeping food cold. Make mental not to call repair man, and have them come out Thur.

Thursday, get up run a bunch of errands. Buy a pair of shoes that I hope won't be too bad for Saturday night. Swing by hobby lobby feed my knitting addiction a little. Come home and wait for the Repair guy. Repair guy comes and tells me that the unit that blows cold air over from the freezer is frozen. Why you ask??? Because someone (jack) left the icecream sitting too close to the freezer door and it wasn't shutting all the way. So when i realized this and shut it all the way, and the condensation that was in the fan, froze. So I got to clean out both the fridge and the freezer and unplug it overnight. We also picked up Jacks Tux for Saturday.

So far today. I have plugged the fridge back in. Talked to gwen, and talked to jack. that is about it. I need to make it over to the bead store with my dress for tomarrow bc i don't have any jewlery for it. Sigh! Right now i am waiting to see if the fridge will truely get cold.

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