14 October 2006

Too Frustrated to Think!!!!

Ok, I know I wanted a dog. I know the dog is mine. And I know I insited on a puppy..... Now that I have gotten that out of the way.... I am going to scream at the damn dog. She will not stop chewing on things. And she searches out things to do so to. It isn't like she sees a toy on the floor or a shoe. NO! She will pull books down off of low shelves and chew on those. This morning she chewed up an family heirloom book, It was from when my Grandmother had her first son, and had suggestions on how to raise them. To be honest it was just a very funny book to read now.... But I am so angry at the dog it is unbelievable. I acutaly shut her out of the family room.

In other news, I am heading to my LYS today. I need to pick up a couple more skeins of cascade black and green. not sure if that is what they call the color but it is what i call it. I want to work on more socks, but I really need to get this hat, mitten, scarf set out of the way first. I am not starting any more projects until those are done. I casted on the hat yesterday, and it is going very well. That makes me happy.

Figured I would post a pic of the socks that don't fit. Makes me very sad, since they match a pair of mine. oh well. We will just have to hav another little girl. LOL!

*edited* you can add my big girl knits book to the list of the eaten. Maggie and i went to the LYS, and I come home to find my book in pieces. I think it may be saved, will have to have mom re-bind it for me.

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Erin said...

EAten knitting book? not cool. we had a dog who would poop across the living room if left alone too long. Meaning she would poop and walk at the same time, so instead of it all being in a little pile it would be scattered around the room. She had issues.