21 October 2006

If my life was normal would I know it?

So thursday I came home from my pseudo job, to find out that Jacks dad type person Dennis was in ICUat our local hospital. A few weeks ago he had open heart surgery, and some how since he had come home from the hospital his heart beat had become irregular. VERY Irregular! He had a Dr. appt on thur, and they automaticaly checked him into the hospital. Knocked him out, and used the paddles to shock his heart back into the right rythem. He spent about 24 hours or so at the hospital and sent him back home.

So things are going ok with that now, I think. We are just having arguements about the heat being on or off. I vote for off, put more clothes on. He votes for set it at 80 and wear t-shirts. drives me crazy. we can't afford it either. So this is going to be a constant battle it looks like.

In other news I have one of my clogs ready to felt, and should have the other one done today. I can't wait to see them done. I am going to go and knit now I think.

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