11 October 2006

knitting and fiber....

Ok I think I have finally blown up into a full out addict! I just got my first loom, well I don't have it yet. I pick it up tomorrow afternoon. A lady posted it to a local freecycle. I called mom, and she said no matter what it is pick it up. From what I have been able to piece together from the lady with the very thick middle European accent it is a Leclerc foldable floor loom. I am not sure if it is 8 shaft or 4 shaft. It is only a couple of years old. And has only been used a handful of times. And she has the accessories that comes with it. I think she may even have a warping board. Hey, I am a lucky girl, even if it is the lesser of the 2 looms it still saves me around a thousand dollars. Yippy. Jack isn't quite as excited as I am, but he will be as soon as he gets his first chenille scarf. :)

On the knitting end I have mostly been working on socks. I just finished a pair for Maggie, that well are too small. I just measured her foot 2 days ago too! Oh well I offered them up on a board that I love. If no one there wants them, I will save them as a baby gift.

Here is a pic of my most recent finished pair of socks. I love the strippy colors in them!!!

I really must start working on things that aren't socks! Mittens or hats next, I promise.

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MollyKnits said...

I have a pair of stripy socks like that! I bought the yarn dirt cheap. I really don't like the colors too much.