15 October 2006

Today just feels weird...

Since Jack was rained/weathered out of work most of this week, he is making up for it by working the weekend. And to be honest that has kind of thrown off my whole being. Sunday mornings are normaly filled with snuggling and giggling. Till Maggie gets up, then it is family day. Today I am home alone with Maggie, who has a cold. Ok so we both probably have a cold but I don't want to admit to mine. We are honestly just being lazy, not much has gotten done. Not that there is much to do. Maggie has napped for almost 2 hours now, I hear her starting to stir though.

I did work more on the Hat/Mitten/Scarf set. The Hat is done, one mitten is about half of the way through. And I ordered yarn for the scarf. Well I ordered that yesterday when we went to Sheeps. It is all going pretty well so far. And the Mitten hasn't pissed me off or anything yet. So all is good in the land of knit.

Did we think I wouldn't post a pic?

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